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No September 11 post?

I thought about it for a few hours.  In that few hours I cleaned, washed, shopped and generally enjoyed a worry-free day. Somewhere around here I have my stark, immediate reactions to the events that took place on that day seven years ago. I wrote an e-mail and copied a few people, my mother among …

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List — or Lists?

Last night, as the troops were helping me with the dishes, I said that something needed to be put on the list.  A family member said, “You’re always putting something on a list”.  That was a correct statement. When I worked, I kept complicated project plans, with date assumptions, and other frightening things.  Now that …

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What a Week!

Last Monday: wash, clean, shop, more cleaning. Tuesday and Wednesday, granddaughters here:  zoo, swing, bikes, visit my mom with them, take them home. Thursday: wash, clean, pack, finish website, shop, running out of gas. Friday and Saturday: Off to Wilmington Ohio, enjoyed 2 days of wonderful music at Joe Mullins’s wonderful Southern Ohio Indoor Music …

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