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Pickin’ On Cystic Fibrosis – September 16-18, 2010

I have written about this before, three times, perhaps more than that. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic lung disease , about which much is known. But there is no cure, and having the disease is a death sentence. I first learned about CF when a CF baby was born to neighborhood family, in 1973, about …

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A Little About The Bluegrass Community

People who have been listening to bluegrass and other acoustic music for many years already know, but I thought that the rest of you might like to hear about how a community can help it’s members. Recently, we have heard of many instances of musicians and fans helping out when help is needed. These stories …

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Ghost? and a Night Out

A ghost is ringing my door bell today.  I just went to the door, and there was no one there.  Sometimes a delivery person leaves something and rings the bell, then runs off into a truck and drives away.  I usually make it out there in time to see the truck.  This time, there was …

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Pickin’ on Cystic Fibrosis Photos

Another fine show was held April fourth in Fremont, and all the funds raised were donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  I looked Papa’s pictures over several times before choosing my favorite.  It’s no easy task to get a good photo of a band on stage.  A lot of things, like microphones. instruments and sometimes …

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Pickin’ on Cystic Fibrosis

Papa and I had a wonderful time yesterday at our friend Jimmy’s benefit show, Pickin’ on Cystic Fibrosis.  So wonderful, I took a great nap after we got home this afternoon. When we arrived I realized there was Internet access from the facility; but social networking sites were blocked.  No, I don’t have a fancy …

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Spring might really be on the way! The Daffodils look pretty good. The bedroom is finished! I put all the stuff back, I know there is too much. It is all photos, old high school year books and other worthwhile things. Here is a view over the head of the bed. The wedding ring quilt …

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TV Promo for Pickin’ on CF!

Emily Richett, Fox 17 in Grand Rapids reported on Pickin’ on CF for her morning audience today!  Pretty exciting.  Just access Emily’s page, then scroll down to the video or April 1. Or click the numbers, and you all three, Emily goes Country, #1, #2 and #3 .

What a Time

Papa and I headed south last Friday morning, and ended up in Wilmington, Ohio. Joe Mullins and his family hosted the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival, a great destination for bluegrass fans.  I am ever so glad we made the trip. On December 12, 2006, I made a post about the death of Dempsey Young. …

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Summertown Road at the Kentuckians of Michigan, March 20, 2009

Papa’s pictures from last Friday are posted; I must say Summertown Road really livened the place up. There was a very good crowd, we saw a bunch of people that you wouldn’t consider regulars out for the evening. It was good to see Pete Goble out, he said the same thing a lot of people …

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Almost On Our Way

Papa and I are headed out to the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival tomorrow.  We’re looking forward to seeing a few friends, and some great music.  Be there if you can, it is a well run event, with some great bluegrass entertainers included on the schedule.  I’m especially looking forward to seeing Grasstown, the Scene, …

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