Cat boxes

Unpleasant subject–well in this case, funny. If you own cats, you will eventually have a litter box. In the good old days, we lived in a rural environment and it was safe to let our cats outside. Here in the suburbs, we won’t let any of our cats out. Traffic is only one reason.

One of the best features of cats is the fact that the pretty much come trained. Cats always go to the same place, at least mine always have. You put the box out, watch the cat/kitten for an hour, see it sniffing, put it in the box, and your work is done. Well, almost done, you do have to clean and box–repeatedly. I just scoop mine out every morning. It’s not hard, gets done in a routine and isn’t forgotten that way.

The point of this post, the crazy cat we have now. Chloe LIES DOWN in the litter box. No kidding, each time I completely dump the box , clean it and put in new litter she runs for it. She gets in, rolls around, scratches to her heart’s content, and finally lies down. I wonder if I should import a pile of sand for her to play in?

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