But, it was Going so Well…

I got up, put out the garbage and recycleing and sat down to the sewing machine.  I had quite a bit done on the petticoats for the flower girl dresses when I realized I was just a little short of fabric.  Oh well.  I had an appointment at the recycling center, can you believe I needed an appointment to take in some burned out florscent light bulbs?    Don’t put those things in your regular garbage, they are hazardous.

The van wouldn’t start.  It is filled with large recyclables not suitable for the curb container.  I took the car, the bulbs and my bad humor and started out.  Dropped off the bulbs.  Four stores, then the fabric store.  Back home, put away groceries.

I just put the battery charger on the van.  If it charges up, I’ll get that stuff out of here today.  I need to come back after that and finish the dresses.  The GD’s and their brother will be here tomorrow, for a visit.  I need to fit the dresses when they are here, just saving the hassle of another trip and the gas and all. 

I need one of those eighteen hour days to finish everything today.

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