Burdick Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 9 page 621

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I am posting information gleaned from land records in the areas where our family’s ancestors resided. You can read more about this project in the overview. You may also check my deed record listing, which I will update with each post.


Date: 20 Feb 1881
Liber: 9
Page: 621
Location: Wexford Co., MI
Grantor: Mary J. Burdick of Manton, Wexford County, Michigan
Grantee: M Engleman of Manton, Michigan
Witnesses: C.A. Lamb; E.W. Smith
Type of deed: Quit Claim
Rec’d and recording: 9 Feb 1881 9 a.m.
Clerk/registrar: F. Thorp
Location of land: Wexford County, MI
Consideration: $25
Description: NE 1/4 of the SW 1/4 Sec 28 T24N R10W

Checking the old Atlas, I can see that this piece of land is also in Greenwood Township, near some other land that Mary Jane acquired interest in over time. I have somehow missed or mistaken the deed on which her interest in this piece was acquired, but it seems like it was probably another tax deed. Mr. Engleman owned the land at the time the 1889 Atlas1 was printed, so perhaps she just paid his taxes for him when he could not afford them, and then collected the sum that she paid, plus interest from him in exchange for a Quit Claim deed later. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.


  1. E.L. Hayes & Co., Atlas of Wexford County, Michigan / compiled by Eli L. Hayes from government surveys, county and township records, and personal investigations and observations (Chicago, Ill.: E.L. Hayes & Co., 1889), page 29; digital images, The University of Michigan. Michigan County Histories and Atlases. http://name.umdl.umich.edu/3928170.0001.001 : accessed 2 November 2009.
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