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“A Fallen Monarch”


This card tells a lot about the time in which it was produced, I’ve chosen to include the test from the back:

A FALLEN MONARCH. The elephants of Africa have not been domesticated to the same extent as those of India. They inhabit the forests of Uganda and other districts in large numbers and immense herds have been seen in the region which will be traversed by the Roosevelt party. The elephants are being protected by the game regulations and there is not much danger of their becoming extinct. The height of the elephant in the picture is 11 feet two inches. The tusks are eight feet ten inches long with a circumference of 19 1/2 inches and a weight of 112 to 115 pounds.



Postmark Mesick, Mich Nov 22, 1??0

Charles Tinker
RD No 1


Charley how many
steel rat traps will
you let me take to
use this winter if I
come over after them
write me Jessie has a
nother boy hair 4 inches
long 9 lb 7 oz yours res
GW Jones

There is another word or two under the printed text at the bottom which I cannot read.

28 December 2008.  It turns out that GW Jones addressed Belle as “Niece” in a later postcard.  That places him as a brother of Miranda Jones, Belle’s mother.  That item, number 108, will be published today.).  You can ignore the text below as it relates to this card.  The information correct as far as I know, but it does not refer to the sender of this card.

An earlier summary:

George Jones married Mable G. Burdick in 1896 in Baldwin, Lake County, Michigan. Mable Burdick was the sister of Susie M. Burdick Fenton Longstreet. Although Belle wasn’t related to the Burdicks, her daughter, Edna, married Ross P. Fenton, Susie Burdick’s son from her first marriage to John P. Fenton. So, Mable was Belle’s daughters aunt by marriage.

Interestingly, a cousin who did much research has this George Jones as “George W. Jones”; and this postcard is most certainly signed, “GW”. I just checked the early Michigan records at Family Search Labs, and Jones is listed on the Michigan state birth returns as George Perry Jones.

It may be that record is an error, or perhaps no one remembered what was on it. George Washington Burdick was the father of Susie, Mable and their siblings. Perhaps George wanted the association with his grandfather recognized and remembered; therefore used the middle initial “W”. Or, perhpas this card came from a GW Jones who had no association with Belle and her family.

I sure don’t know who “Jessie” with the new baby is, but there was a Jessie Jones among the Lake County, Michigan records, perhaps George was referring to one of his relatives.

One more thing, I’m glad I don’t have to borrow rat traps for this winter!

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