Belle’s Box – 102

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Love’s Greeting
My heart is light,
My heart is free,
My Sweetheart is bright
She’ll ever love me.


Postmark: Manton, Mich January 8, 1925

Mrs Bell Tinker


Manton Mich
Jan 1925
Dear Mother
Geo is felling fine this
I was so afraid he would
catch cold but he did.
He ate Pancake for
breakfast he said they
tasted good now I think
if he keeps quite he will
be all right

George Emerson Fenton, born in 1912, was the son of Edna Fellows and Ross Fenton, and Belle’s grandson. It’s hard to tell what happened to George in January,1925, but I guess he was out and got a chill. Edna was worried, but apparently he turned out fine.

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