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You can read about Belle Lamunion, 1864-1848, and her amazing box of family memories here. Belle married Henry H Fellows, 1858-1905 in 1879 in Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan.

This series of posts will center around the approximately 405 items in the box which are in my possession. I scanned the items one at at time as they were picked up from the box, in no particular order; and so the scans are not arranged by date or any other method. The posts will be numbered according to the order of the scanned item in my files. It may be that the posts will not appear in number order, especially if extra investigation is needed regarding a given item. So, just to be clear, the cards, clippings, photos and other items that were in the box will be described one at a time, and titled with the file number of the item’s scan.

You can read about the characters whose names appear in the box in Cast of Characters . If you are related to this family, please contact me.

Rather than a post card, this is a more modern greeting card.


Christmas Day is here again
For Peace on Earth Good Will to Men
May Peace and Joy and Blessing too
This Christmas Day abide with you.


Mr and Mrs Leonard.

The only Leonard I have currently connected with this family is Jackson Leonard, 1834-1903. He married, perhaps in 1866, Susan Aurilla Carter, 1848-1914, a sister of Andrew Jackson Carter. Andrew Carter was married in 1876 to Emily Lamunion, a sibling of Belle.

That relationship would make these Leonards a acquaintance, or extended family member, but not related to Belle Lamunion Fellows Tinker. This card may be from Jackson and Susan Leonard, but it may also be from a descendent of theirs, or a completely unrelated Leonard family.

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