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You can read about Belle Lamunion, 1864-1848, was Papa’s great-grandmother. Belle married Henry H Fellows, 1858-1905 in 1879 in Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan.

This series of posts will center around the approximately 405 items in the box which are in my possession. I scanned the items one at at time as they were picked up from the box, in no particular order; and so the scans are not arranged by date or any other method. The posts will be numbered according to the order of the scanned item in my files. It may be that the posts will not appear in number order, especially if extra investigation is needed regarding a given item. So, just to be clear, the cards, clippings, photos and other items that were in the box will be described one at a time, and titled with the file number of the item’s scan.

You can read about the characters whose names appear in the box in Cast of Characters . If you are related to this family, please contact me.

This postcard is a view of beautiful downtown Grant, Michigan.


This was sent to Hazel, 1894-1967 and Frank, 1895-1969 Fellows, the youngest of Belle and Henry Fellows nine children. The senders, Claud, 1895-1967, and Ferris Carter, 1897-1975 were siblings, and the children of Emily Lamunion and her husband Andrew J. Carter. M-in-L always referred to them as Aunt Em Carter and Uncle Andrew Carter.

Lilia, 1890-1958 and Huldah, 1893-1977; were the older siblings in the Carter family. I can’t make out the date of the postmark, but it appears that the older girls were still at home, but either working or attending school. Lilia married in 1918, and Huldah in 1917.


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