Belle’s Box — A Little Change

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For a while now, my posts for Belle’s box have followed the numbering sequence in my archival book. Yesterday’s post jumped to 3-34, from 3-30. What is up, you might ask.

The answer isn’t simple. Most of the remaining items are photographs, I know the identity of some of the subjects, but not all. Also, the reunion of the Fellows family, Belle’s descendants is scheduled for August 2, 2009. I counted up the remaining items, and I cannot finish, posting one item per day until the reunion. And, some of my scans of the photos leave a little to be desired.

This month is especially busy for me, helping with the reunion, hosting grandchildren at various dates, a trip for my high school reunion, and the garden.

With time running short, I have grouped the photos as much as I can, using the subject matter and other criteria which I do not understand and can not expect you to understand either.

I’m going to get all the items posted before the reunion, but you can expect a certain disorder in the process. Perhaps more than one post a day, or more than one item per post, or whatever it takes for me to get this project completed.

Enjoy the ride, I am!

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