Belle’s Box – 98

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Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.



There is no clue about the time this thank you may have been sent. There were several French families, and they were neighbors of Belle. This card is most likely from Charles E. “Jumbo” French and his wife Maude Belle Lamunion. Maud was a daughter of Merritt Winfield “Scott” Lamunion, and Belle’s niece.

Jumbo and Maude French had a family of fourteen children. Of these, Imogena or Emigene French died in 1923 at the age of 6, Ida French Bibb died in 1940 at the age of 28, and Charles French Jr died young in 1929, he was born in 1928.

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