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I’m sure if they had half a chance
the works from off your pen would make a
dandy letter. Just try it now and then!


Newaygo, MICH
March 31, 1923 2P.M.

Mrs. Chas Tinker,
Wexford Con


Mar 30 – 1923
Dear Aunt: How are you?, we
haven’t heard from you since I
wrote you. I hope you are better.
Ina hasn’t been well lately.
Etta is working at the Hotel here
at present, William is going to
school. He is at the Basket ball
to-night. Let us know how you
are, if it isn’t more than a card.
Hope to hear you are all well.
Remember us to the girls.

Your niece

Eliza Murray mentions her sisters Ina and Etta in this card; they were all nieces of Belle, daughters of Belle’s sister Mary Ann Lamunion and husband John H. Murray. The William she refers to is probably William “Will” Puff, a son of Etta Murray and husband Fred Puff. Fred died in 1910; Etta must have been living near or with her family. Eliza, Ina and Etta all lived into the 1960’s.

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