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Male Department, Michigan Asylum, Kalamazoo, Mich.


Mrs. Caroline tinker

Postmark: Kalamazoo. Mich
6 4:30 PM 1912
(The month is missing)


Kalamazoo Sep 6
Mrs Tinker Will
say in reply to your
letter that we will have
the gords taken to the
Depot and ship to you
will send me
money to get them to
the Depot. and pay me
what you owe it may
cost 1.00 to get them
at the Depot send 2.60
and mr Lorr??? will see
about mailing them
and sent them to you
one dollar 60 for rent you owe
let us
(continued across the top of the card, upside down)
know at once so we can send them H. Lorrns???

I don’t know what exactly Belle had stored in Kalamazoo. Gords doesn’t seem right, but it is all I can get from the writing on the card. I also think it is interesting that the card is addressed to “Mrs. Caroline Tinker”. Although a bible transcription that was shared with me listed Belle as “Clarey Belle”, Caroline seems a stretch. Also, Belle didn’t marry Charlie until 1914, so her name would have been Fellows until then. Maybe this card was intended for Charlie Tinker. Charlie lived in Belle’s household on the 1910 census, listed as a boarder.

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    • Apple on December 19, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    It seems like an odd card to use for a business communication. It sounds like Charlie has had some items in storage that he has sent for. I think that it says they will send the goods. Odd also that the sender didn’t included their own name, just the reference to Mr Lorrs.

  1. I guess there wasn’t much room on the card. I also guess that Mrs Lorrs wrote the card. But, it’s all guesswork. Gives me something do do when I’m not shoveling snow.

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