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Xmas Greeting

Peace on Earth
Good Will to Men


Oct 24 1911 7 p.m.

Mrs Bell Fellows


Come if you can.

Oct 24 1911.
Dear Mrs Fellows
I am go to have
a carpet rag bee
thuday the 26 come
if you can and
will you tell
Mrs Whitney if
you will.
Mrs. ??? Ashbay
Good by
stay all day

According to a perpetual calendar I often use, the twenty-fourth of October was a Tuesday in 1911, so the twenty-sixth would have been Thursday.

The 1910 census of Liberty Township, Wexford County, Michigan shows the family of Iva or Ira Ashbay or Ashley, containing Ira, his wife Milley, six children from eight to one, and an older man, James Ashley/Ashbay.

The handwirtting on the census isn’t the best, and it is hard to read, but I can find no other families with a similar last name, so Mrs. Ira Ashby must have sent the card.

A fall day seems like a good time to make some rugs, doesn’t it?

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