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Daffy down Sillies
first flower of spring,
Love, happiness
and good fortune bring


Manton, Mich
May 2, 1912

Mr Frank Fellows


Dear Frank
If you can come
Saturday night
because Ross will
proble go to the store
Sunday and you
can go with him.

Edna and Frank were siblings, children of Belle. In 1912, when this card was sent, Frank was single, and may have been living with Belle, explaining the presence of the card in her collection. Ross Fenton, Edna’s husband was the one going to the store. Perhaps he needed help, or perhaps consolidated trips were more economical for all. In May, 1912 Edna and Ross had one daughter, Laura, at home. Edna was expecting a second child in late October; George was born on October 31, 1912.

It’s interesting how many of the stamps are pulled off of these cards. Perhaps the postmarks were faint, and they were reused. Or, perhaps someone was collecting them.

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