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Some thoughts always find us young,
And keep us so.
Such a thought is the love of the universal
and eternal beauty.


A card postmarked the 4th, 1913.


Dear Ma,
We got hear alright
will go to Bessie’s
Monday we will
be home Thursday

Frank Fellows, 1895-1969, was the only son of Belle and Henry Fellows who survived to adulthood. He was also Belle’s youngest child.

I searched my database for “Bessie” and found one possibility, Bessie Ann Lamunion. Bessie, 1885-1965, was the daughter of Merritt Winfield “Scott” Lamunion and his wife Emma Adelia Widger. She was Belle’s niece.

Bessie Lamunion married 3 times, in 1903 to Claude Hammond in Sherman, Wexford County, Michigan; in 1910 in Antioch, Wexford County, Michigan to Elgie Stewart; and later to Lyman Morrison. According to the 1910 US Federal Census, Bessie, Eligie and her daughter from the Hammond marriage, Neva, were living on a farm in Antioch Township. By 1920, they were located in Colfax, an adjacent township.  I don’t know If they lived at some distance from the neighborhood between these census.

I sure wish I could read the city on this one, I’d like to know where Frank went. It would also be nice to know who “we” was.

Frank Fellows married the first time in 1914, and again in 1920, both times to Lila Mable Longstreet. Lila was the daughter of Harmon H. Longstreet and Susie Melissa Burdick. Susie Burdick and her first husband, John P. Fenton were the parents of Ross P. Fenton, who married Edna Fellows. So, siblings Frank and Edna Fellows married half siblings, Lila Longstreet and Ross Fenton.

None of the above solves the mystery of what “Bessie” Frank Fellows visited in 1913 and who accompanied him.

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    • Brenda on December 2, 2008 at 11:27 am

    Hi Pam,
    I have all the cemetery books for Wexford / 1st book of marriages and 1st book of deaths if you ever need lookups. I don’t have anything on Maple Hill on main street though. Also Missaukee if you cross over into there. Enjoy your site! thanks Brenda

  1. Thanks, Brenda. I’ll keep that in mind. I have spent quite a bit of time researching up in Wexford, I was born there and lived there until about twenty years ago.

    Glad you enjoy it, I’m learning a lot reading these postcards.

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