Belle’s Box – 69

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“Best Wishes”


The postmark is Meauwataka, Mich, but the date is illegible.

Mrs. Belle Fellows


Dear mother
I think I shall
be home Sunday
if nothing happens
or if it does not rain.
I am going to a dance
Friday night was
to one last Friday
night had a good
time we will be
there by 12 o’clock
if nothing happens


This card was probably sent between 1905 when Henry Fellows died and 1909 when Edna married Ross Fenton, and Eunice married Hiram Smith. Family lore says that Edna worked at the “County Home”, the poor house near Meauwataka. If this was from Edna, perhaps she mailed it from there.

Update, I now know this is from Edna, the handwritting matches that of another card where her signature is clear.

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