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A spring summer scene

“Easter Greetings”


Mrs. Charles Tinker
Manton, Mich

The stamp is ripped off, and the postmark damaged. The card was sent from Michigan, that much of the postmark can be read.


3 24 19/10

Hello How are you
we are having nice
wether here some are
plowing the roads are
nice and dry the snow
went off without any rain
your Friend Mrs

Asahel and Emily (Salisbury) Bisard were the parents of Franklin Bisard, who married Elizabeth L. Lamunion. There is a biography of the family in a history of Newaygo County, which can be found on Google Books.

It seems more likely that this card was sent by a daughter-in-law of Asehel and Emily. In 1910 the census reveals there were two married sons of Asahel and Emily in Ashland Township in addition to Elizabeth and Franklin, Orson “Oss” and Maggie, and Charles and Emma. Asahel and Emily are not found, they probably died before 1910. There are also several other Bisard/Bizard/Bizzard families in the area which could have contained the “Mrs. Bisard” who sent this greeting.

Or it may have been a  “Mrs Bisard” from another Bisard family in the area.

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