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Manton, Mich
July ?? ???

Mr. Charley Tinker
% Belle Fellows R.F.D. No 1


July 10-1914
Say Charley can you
Come over tomorrow
and splice the rope
for the hay loader
As it broke where you
fixed it before, If you
can’t come tomorrow
come Sunday as we
cant use it to unload

Ed Whitney

The 1920 census of Liberty Township, Wexford County, Michigan Enumeration district 218, sheet 2B, line 76-77, family 46 shows the family of Edgar Whitney and his son Wesley E. Whitney. They were farmers, and farmers would be cutting hay in July in Michigan. Looking at the a township map of Wexford County, Liberty Township is T24N R9W; at the northeastern corner of the county. It is adjacent to Cedar Creek Township, which contains Manton, and near Colfax in which Belle and Charley lived.

Charlie Tinker was described to me as a kind of jack of all trades by F-in-L. Charlie built saw mills, among other things. I guess he spliced ropes, too.

If you are interested in detailed (current) maps of Michigan, this site is a good resource.

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