Belle’s Box – 61

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Don’t worry about the future,
The present is all thou hast;
The future will soon be present,
And the present will soon be past.


Postmark, illegible city, Mich, March 29, 1909, addressed to:
Mrs. Belle Fellows
Wexford Co


Hesperia March 20, 1909
Dear Sister and Family,
We are well and hope this
Will find you the same
Ground? ? McCruse was
buried last Tuesday he
Was a bed only 2 days he
He died of old age Mrs H??? ?
is ?? a bed the same
She is entirely helpless
Frank has ??? to
Grant yesterday he said
Em had been sick but was
better he said she had the
??? I havent been been over
there this winter but if
it is warm enough I will
go this week Write and
let me know how you
are getting along
your sister


This card made me sit up and take notice. It clearly says, “Dear Sister” and “your sister”, but the signature is “Laila”. Belle had two sisters who were living in 1909: Elizabeth L. Lamunion Bisard and Emily A. Lamunion Carter. In the Lamunion family “Laila” to me has always meant Laila Carter, a daughter of Em and Andrew Carter. Elizabeth probably wrote this card, since she mentioned “Frank”, her husband was Frank. Clues indicate that Elizabeth was sometimes known as Laila. Perhaps Laila Carter was named for her aunt.

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