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Otia, Mich”


Postmarked Otia, Mich
June 5, 1908 5 p.m.
and addressed to:
Mrs Belle Fellows
Manton Mich


Write soon
June 5-09
Dear Aunt-
How are you all.
Etta Is home from
Casnovia sick.
Have you made
Any garden. Eliza
has made some
You aught to come
& see us. Pa’s health
Is about the same.
Love to all

Although this card isn’t signed, it appears to be from Ina Belle Murray. Ina refers to her sisters, Etta and Eliza, and her father, John. H. Murray. John was married to Belle’s sister, Mary Ann Lamunion, who died in 1899. Three other siblings in this family died young.

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