Belle’s Box – 57

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Flower on the front of the card, no message, nothing is written on the label of the card.


postmarked Newaygo, Mich Oct 11, 1909 9 p.m.
Addressed to:
Mrs Belle Fellows
Manton PO
Wexford Co
Route Mich


At the top left:
Write soon
Your sister
E Bisard

Ashland Oct 11th/09
Dear Sister We are well
We had a short visit from
George he said you was
Coming Xmas are you I
Was at Casnovia last
Monday first time since
Xmas Frank is picking
apples has not got half done
yet all the Junes has been
here this fall George and
wife and daughter from
Texas and Aaron and Elt?

George is probably Elizabeth and Belle’s brother, George Lamunion, who often lived with family members and traveled seeking work. Frank (Bisard), who is picking apples, is Elizabeth’s husband.

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