Belle’s Box – 54

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Mrs Chas Tinker

Postmarked Manton, October, 1920.


Dear Friend: Would
it be possible for
you to entertain
the aid next Wednesday
If so let Mrs Baldwin
know Saturday So
She can give it out
at church Sunday
Mrs Oren Culver

The 1920 census of Colfax Township, Wexford County Michigan lists 151 households. The name Culver is certainly familiar to anyone who has read these censuses or walked the cemeteries. The two culver families on that census do not include an Oren, Orin or similar spelling. The families do not contain older widowed woman described as mothers of the heads of the families, who might be “Mrs Oren”. Neighboring Cedar Creek Township contains another Culver family, but no Oren there either.

So, another mystery woman, Mrs Oren Culver.

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