Belle’s Box – 50

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“Making up Bunks, Ordnance Training Center, Aberdeen, Maryland


Postmark, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD October 13 6 p.m. 1941. Addressed to: Mr & Mrs Charley Tinker, Manton Michigan R # 1


“Pub by ordnance training center, Aberdeen, Maryland”
“Made only by Tichnor Bros., Inc. Boston, Mass”

Dear Grandfolks:

I am feeling fine and hope
you are the same. Things
are about the same as
ever. We are soon going
to start school I hope
We have been out on
the pistol range and
had a few shots. I have
a little cold but not much.
well write or have
mother write for you.
Henry Z Smith

Henry Zachariah Smith, 1918-1986 was the son of Eunice Fellows and her husband Hiram H. Smith. This is the second card from the collection that was written by him to his grandparents Belle and Charlie Tinker

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