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Hotel McDonald, C. F. Collins, Prop., Sandus………h. (Sandusky, Mich)


Addressed to Mrs. Chas Tinker, Mesick, Mich. The postmark is Sandusky, Aug 7 1930


This is where we are
spending our summer
very nice place.
glad you got your ????
Aint we having hot
weather? Terrible but
won’t be long where
will be wanting some
of this heat.
Hope you are feeling good.
As ever ??? Beardsley

Hot and cold running water would have been quite a luxury in rural northern Michigan in 1930. I’m pretty sure that most families made due with a pump, bucket and a washtub.

Sandusky, Michigan is located in Sanilac County, in the in Michigan’s thumb. If you check out the City’s website, you can see another image of McDonalds Hotel, by watching the “Memories of Yesterday” photo tour. Go ahead, it only takes a minute, and it’s fun…

As for the sender of this card, I haven’t a clue.

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