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A quick search for the Freund family in Wexford County, Michigan where Belle lived from about 1900 on turns up several records.

The 1900 census shows the family of Frank Freund: Frank, 49, Augsta (sic), 45, William, 22; Amelia, 16; Herman, 13; Lydia, 11; and Elsie, 10. All family members are listed as having been born in Germany, and Frank’s arrival year is given as 1893, seven years in the US, naturalized. Augusta was listed as the mother of five children, five living.

In 1910, the Freund family of Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan was listed as: Frank, 57; Augusta, 54; Herman, 22; Martha, 21, and Pauline, 8.

On the 1920 census of the same place, the family was: Frank, 66; Elizabeth, 63; Herman, 33; and Pauline, 18.

When the 1930 census was taken the family was: Herman, 42; and Frank, 77.

The early Michigan records, indexed on the new site, show for the Freund family of Wexford County:

Louisa Freund, daughter of Frank Freund, married John Schutte on 29 June 1898 in Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan. Louisa’s father is listed as Frank Freund.

Augusta Freund married, in Colfax Township, Wexford County on 25 June 1902 George E. Ekholm. Her parents were listed as F. Frank Freund and Elizabeth A. Amont.

Emilie Freund, daughter of R.a. Freund, married John Manly on 26 March 1902 in Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan.

William Freund, son of Frank Freund and Augusta Arnold married Augusta Schmidt on 26 Dec 1900.

Pauline Freund, daughter of Frank Freund and Augusta Green married ED Swan on 26 December 1920 in Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan.

Two birth records for this family are listed:

Pauline L. Freund, daughter of Frank and Augusta Freund, born 11 August 1901.

Lena M. Freund, daughter of William and Augusta A. Freund, born 16 November 1902 in Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan.

It seems that either some marriage or death records for this family are missing. Since the Michigan records available on the Family Search site are limited to births 1867-1902, deaths 1867-1897, and marriages 1868-1925, events may have occurred outside that range, or may have gone unrecorded.

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    • Lois on March 23, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Corrections/additions to Belle Box 45
    Full name of Great Grandma Freund. Augusta Elizabeth (Arnold) Freund. Amelia = Emilie. Full name of

    • Lois on March 23, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Corrections/ Additions to Belle Box 45
    Full name of Martha is Martha Lydia Freund.
    Augusta marries Ekholm full name is Sophia Augusta Freund.
    Father is Frank.
    Pauline married Eskil David Swan. Hence E.D.
    Lena is daughter of William and Anna Augusta Schmidt.

  1. Thanks for the comments, Lois, the indexes have some interesting spellings and information, don’t they? I’m glad to have correct information here, thanks again.

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