Belle’s Box – 41

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Best Wishes


Postmark, Boon, Mich, April 19, 1917 Addressee:

Mr and Mrs. Charlie Tinker
Manton, Mich
RR #1

A return address, Boon RR1, C/O ???? is written under the postmark


Hello! Ant on top yet
Have things so they
look far different they
did Saturday. Mrs.
Boyd hasn’t called on me
yet ??? Laila says she will
pretty soon. Laila is
coming for supper Wed.
night. Like it quite well
here. It is pleasant
when the sun shines.

Frank and Lila

Frank A. Fellows, Belle’s youngest child, and Lila M. Longstreet, the daughter of Harmon Longstreet and Susie Burdick married twice, according to the Wexford County, Michigan marriage records, in 1914 and 1920. They were the parents of two, one child survived to adulthood, Loren W. Fellows.

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