Belle’s Box – 35

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An Easter card:


This card is addressed:

Mrs. Charlie Tinker
Paris Mich

It is post marked March 26, 1929, 6 p.m., Manton, MI

From Rachel (Happy Easter)

Dear Grandma
Hope you are
fine Little George is home
expect my folks home next
Sat or in next
week some time
I received your letter
fine But have not answered it
yet so will with
this card


Rachel Belle Burgess, was a granddaughter of Belle. Rachel would have been 13 when this card was written. My mother-in-law remembered that Charlie would go out of town to work in the winter. She thought they might have been working on US 131 at while at Paris, Michigan at this time.

I don’t know who Rachel was referring to by “little George”, but it may have been her cousin, George Emerson Fenton, who would have been about 17 when this card was written. “Big” George would probably be George W. Lamunion, Belle’s brother.

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