Belle’s Box – 34

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Item 34 has a petty vase of yellow roses on the front.

Some friendly breeze my message take
unto my friend and in its wake
May sunshine be the cheerful guide
Through happy days clear-blue o’er-skied. ”

Number 515 printed lower right corner on front.


The card is addressed to:
Mrs C Tinker
Mesick Mich

The card carries a 1 cent stamp, and is post marked Manton, Feb, but the year and day are illegible.


Dear Friend Mrs
Tinker I have my
Block done let me
know what you are
going to do next Love

Jessie B

Since the card is addressed to Belle after her marriage to Charlie Tinker, if must have been sent after 15 July 1913, their marriage date. Since postcards were 1 cent postage from 1898 until 1 January 1952, the denomination of the postage doesn’t help.  Once again, I’m hoping for more clues!

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