Belle’s Box – 33

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Number 33 is a cute card, a man in a dog house, while the dog looks on from the end of a rope. “Having a “Doggone” Good Time Here!”


Post marked Kalamazoo, Mich, July 10, 1941
Addressed to Charles Tinker, Manton Michigan R#1

Dear Grandfolks:
I’min the army now. Ill write from Fort Custer
Let the folks know
your grandson
Henry Smith


Wow! Can you imagine entering the army, and then letting your parents know by asking your grandparents to tell them? Perhaps everyone already knew why Henry left, and he had time or money to send only one card.

Henry Z. Smith was born in 1918, the son of Eunice Fellows and Hiram A. Smith. He was their only living child, a daughter died as an infant.

Henry ended up living in Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan; near his family, after his service.

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