Belle’s Box – 30

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Item 30 is an advertisement of sorts.

Front: American Fence
“Roadside Scene American Fence Made by American Steel & Wire. Co.”

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Addressed to Mrs. Belle Fellows, Manton, Mich R#2. The post mark is April 4, 1911 at 7 p.m. I can’t make out the city, but the state is ?ich. Michigan.

Now is the time to buy fence. Our stock of different varieties of American fence is complete. Come in and see and get lowest prices.
Manton Produce Co.

Belle lived on a farm, and is enumerated “no occupation, farm income” on the 1910 census of Cedar Creek Township, Wexford County, Michigan. She was the head of household, a widow, mother of seven, five living. In the household were daughter Hazel 16, son Frank 14, and Charles Tinker, border, but listed as farmer, own account on home farm,

Belle and Charlie married on 15 January, 1913.

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