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Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.

The numbering of these posts had been modified to signify that I am posting items from my archival book three, a three precedes the item number.



A little cruise through the family tree has given me the opportunity to make an educated guess about the identity of this couple. The family of Belle’s sister, Mary Ann Lamunion, very frequently corresponded with Belle.

Etta May Murray, Mary Ann’s daughter married twice, in 1919 to Fred Puff, who died in October, 1910. On 25 March 1924, in White Cloud, Newaygo County, Michigan, Etta Puff, age 41, married Henry T. Shick, age 35.

Etta’s son, William T. Puff send his aunt Belle several cards from this collection.

Comparing the handwriting on the cards has convinced me that William Also wrote the caption on the reverse of this photo. Thus, this is his mother Etta May Murray Puff Shick and her husband Harry T. Shick.

You can view the other cards with William’s handwriting, and see if you think I am correct:

Item 3-7, especially notice the “F” and “M” on this one.

Item 2-91, same thing, “F” and “M” look like the ones on the photo.

Item 2-20.

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