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Item 28 is a card containing Easter greetings from Belle’s sister.

I can’t read the entire post mark, 9 p.m. 19?0, probably 1910, Michigan
Addressee: Mrs. Belle Fellows, Manton, Wexford Co Mich RFD.

Easter Greetings


Ashland 3.24
We are well and
hope you same
Frank was down to
Lewis yesterday but
they had gone to Detroit -.
E Bisard
Your sister.


This card was may have been written in 1901, at Easter. Lewis Bisard, son of Elizabeth Laumunion and Franklin Bisard, was living at home with his parents in 1900, according to the 1900 census of Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan.

Sometime before November, 1902, when their daughter Ione was born, he married Sadie E. Miller, probably in Newaygo County. Sadie/Sarah Miller Bisard died in 1914, and was buried in Ashland Center Cemetery.

On the 1920 census of Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michgian, the family of Charles Miller, 59; and his wife Ida, 58, also lists their granddaughter, Ione Bisard, age 15.

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    • Brenda on September 22, 2008 at 11:53 am

    Hi Pam, I follow some of what you do but is there a ‘home’ page to this site? if so, how do I get there from here? Brenda

  1. Hi, Brenda. Since this is a blog, there is really no “home” page. I decided to post my genealogical information this way to make it fast, easy and painless to do something each day. Since a blog is a specialized content management system, the navigation isn’t like a set of web pages on a traditional website. You can find things by keyword or search. Or, you can just read, or skim through everything.

    Maybe this will help you with navigation:

    1. To see the most recent posts ordered from newest to oldest, click on the header, where it says “Granny’s Genealogy”. When you get to the bottom of the page, just click the < < arrows for newer posts. 2. To see a certain subject, click a tag from the right column, all the posts with that subject tag will appear. You can see that "Fellows", "Lamunion" and "Tinker" are in the largest font right now, that's because most of my recent posts have that surname attached as a tag. 3. To search for a term that you don't see in the tag list, (I tried Cadillac), just use the search box just above the tags. Enter a search term and see if anything contains that term. Cadillac had more than I expected. 4. You can look at the posts by the date they were posted. Near the end of the right column, you will see a link to the archives by date. 5. There are 2 actual static "Pages" on this blog right now: About Granny’s Genealogy

    All about Granny

    Hope this helps some.


    • Brenda on September 22, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    Thanks for the great explanation, I have a sidebar with archives in it etc so didn’t really know how this one worked. Now I can browse more. 😉 I am in Traverse City if you need anything here. Later, See ya on FB, Brenda

    • Susan Bisard on April 30, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Hi Cousin (?),
    My father’s father is from up by Mesick. His name was William Leo Bisard. My dad is 83 years old and his name is William George Bisard. Anyway this was fun reading. I have to tell my dad about it he will want me to print it etc. We travel up to the cemetary every few years because of course his relatives are buried there and he spent lots of childhood on his grandparents farm up there. We live in Lansing. Thanks for this info. email me if you like.
    Susan Bisard

  2. Hi, Susan, and thanks for the comment. When I began posting these cards, I hoped to connect with others interested in the same families. Although I do not know of any Williams in the Bisard family that our family married into, I have only researched a little about the family that Aunt Em Lamunion married into.

    There were several Bisard families in Newaygo County, Michigan at the same time as the Lamunions, and many families moved north along the old State Road as the lumbering moved north.

    I’d love to hear anything your Dad remembers about his family. I believe the parents of “my” Franklin Bisard are Asahel Bisard b 1825 Medina County, Ohio and Emily Salisbury b 1835 in Orange County, Vermont. There is a short biography of the family listed in an old county history of Newaygo County. You can see each item related to this family by searching “Bisard” in the search box on the blog.

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