Belle’s Box – 26

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Item 26 is a greeting card for the New Year.

“Wishing You a Happy New Year”


The addresse is:

Mrs. H. Fellows
Manton, Mich
Wexford Co.

Post mark: Otia Mich, Dec 30, 1909 PM


Dear Aunt,

With every good wish for the new Year.


Ina Bell Murray, Belle’s niece sent this pretty card. You can see it is embossed, and the design from the front is outlined on the back.

According to the book, Michigan Place Names, by Walter Romig, Otia was a postoffice in Monroe Township, Newaygo County, Michigan. It was originally named for the founder, Otia Dingman. It was known as Brohman during some time periods.

You can read more at in the book.

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