Belle’s Box – 24

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“#166 Elks Temple, Grand Rapids, Mich”


There is no sign of a post mark or stamp, this card may have been enclosed in a larger package or envelope.

Mrs. Belle Fellows
Manton, Mich



I will send Ma’s postal with yours

Grand Rapids, Mich

Dear friend,

It is nice weather here just
fine for the fair
I don’t think I will
go. expect you will
have a go time
a Cadillac
Hope to hear from
you soon

your friend
Olia Reed

It looks like Olia Reed was forwarding mail to Belle, and perhaps to her mother who may have lived near Belle in Wexford County, or been visiting in the area.

In the period from 1900-1920, several women who might be this Olive/Olia Reed/Reid/Read show up on various census in west Michigan. Perhaps later items will reveal more clues about her identy.

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