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Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.

The numbering of these posts had been modified to signify that I am posting items from my archival book two, hence the 2-xx numbering.

Sorry you’re Ill


This comes to express
for your early
and complete recovery

Geo just got home and told me about
you being sick. Hi, Eunice, Henry & wife & babe was here yesterday but did
not say as you was bad off. Let us
know how you are and if there is
anything we can do you you. We
will be glad to help, Love Edna

Edna Fellows Fenton seemed worried about her mother. Henry and Esther Smith’s oldest son, David was born 28 January 1946, just days after Charlie Tinker passed away on 5 January of the same year. If Henry & wife visited with a “babe” and not “children” it was likely between Charlie’s death and Belle’s death, which occurred in August, 1948. I would guess that Belle was ill in late spring or early summer of 1946.

Belle’s brother, George Lamunion passed away years earlier, in 1932. So the George Edna referred to was probably her son, George Fenton. He was married and living in in Allegan county at this time, so the must have been “home” visiting. Perhaps he stopped at his grandmother’s on the way to his parents home and found her ill.

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