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A good Old
Merry Christmas
and a
Joyous New Year

Walter Nutter

Walter W. Nutter, age 15, is shown in the 1920 census of Caldwell Township, Missuakee County, Roll: T625_785; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 104; Image: 946. Caldwell Township boarders Cedar Creek Township in Wexford County.

According to the database Michigan Deaths, 1971-1996 at Walter W. Nutter, b 25 September 1904 died on 29 September 1989 in Manton, Wexford County, Michigan. His residence is also listed as Manton.

I also found Walter Nutter listed as a city of Manton Commissioner in the 1941 Polk Directory of Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan on page 16. Funny, my Grandfather was on the same page, listed as a member of the bar association.

Although I was able to find at least one other Walter Nutters listed in Michigan records, this seems the likely candidate as the sender of a card to a Manton area resident.

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    • Red Fenton on May 16, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    This Walter Nuttter is probably the Walter Nutter that owned and operated a hardware store in Manton in the 1940-1950 timeframe.

  1. Thanks for the comment, Red.

    Do you know that one of the Nutters played minor league Baseball? .

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