Belle’s Box – 2-28

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Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.

The numbering of these posts had been modified to signify that I am posting items from my archival book two, hence the 2-xx numbering. The posts from this book may contain more thumbnails, you will find that the pages with signatures, text and other important details will enlarge upon clicking.

To [a] mother dear
across the



Today my love and
thoughts are with you,
for though you’re far away,
They reach through space
With fond embrace,
to you on Mother’s Day.

Agnes & family


I do not know who Agnes is, or why she sent a Mother’s Day card to Belle. Belle had no children known as “Agnes”, and I know of no nieces known by that name. After reading the inside, I at least know why the “A” is added before “Mother”. Perhaps another item will reveal information about Agnes and her family.

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