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Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.

The numbering of these posts had been modified to signify that I am posting items from my archival book two, hence the 2-xx numbering. The posts from this book will contain more thumbnails, you will find that the pages with signatures, text and other important details will enlarge upon clicking.

Here is an interesting advertisement, the only one in the collection. There is nothing on the back. I am not going to transcribe it, I believe you can read it as is, with the possible exception of the copyright, appearing just under the ladies violets:

(c) 1915 Haskell Coltin.


An internet search for Haskill Coltin reveals that he was an illustrator, and produced some magazine covers also. One of them looks like the same gal, with different hair.  Take a look at the seventh cover on this web page, marked “The American Woman, June 1922. Cover illustration Haskell Colt . The other references I found were this American magazine cover from March 1926, and this Saturday Evening Post cover from November 10, 1928.

The reason Belle saved this advertisement is not clear. There are clues, however. One uncle said that Belle’s two older daughters, Bertha and Mary/Murta/Mert had a “greenhouse in Grand Rapids”.

Of the oldest daughter, Bertha, 1884-, we know little. My last record of her is her marriage on 25 January 1902 in Manton, Wexford County, Michigan to Charles B. (Bert) Gilbert. Gilbert married again in 1908, so there is either a divorce or death record for Bertha somewhere. Gilbert is found in later censuses with a child, “Berlie Gilbert” who was born ca 1904-05, and may be a child of Bertha.

The second of the older daughters, Mert, 1885- married on 9 March 1901 in Manton, Wexford County, Michigan Eugene Featherly/Fetherly. Met would have been fifteen when she married Featherly.  We know of one child, Dorothy F. Featherly, 1901-1945, who was born about a month after the marriage.   Little is know about Dorothy’s early life, but she may not have been raised by her mother. Mert married again on 5 August 1909,to  Benjamin Bush, in Hesperia, Oceana County, Michigan.

I have complied a spreadsheet of city directory listing for the Valkier family of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who were of Dutch heritage and owned greenhouses in Grand Rapids for some time. So far, between the directory listings and the available census listings I can document no relationship between either of Belle’s older daughters and the Valkier family. Perhaps one of the daughters simply worked for the business, or perhaps more information will come to light.

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