Belle’s Box – 16

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Item 16 is a New Year’s card. It is addressed to Mrs. Belle Fellows, Manton, Mich. Mesick is written below the address. The postmark reads Grand Rapids, Mich, Dec 27, 7 pm, 1???.


Dear Aunt. We are anxiously looking for you down. I am going to G.R. Sat. We had twelve for Xmas dinner. Ma and I have to eat our dinner alone today.



Laila Carter was the daughter of Emily Lamunion, and a niece of Belle. G.R. most certainly refers to Grand Rapids, Michigan, the large city nearest to the Carter home in Newaygo County.

Laila Carter was born in 1890, and married in 1918. It appears that she was living at home with her parents at the time this card was write, making the time frame between 1915 and 1918.

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