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Postmark: Boon, Mich, May 9, 1913. I can’t make out the time. Addressee:

Chas tinker


Mr tinker
have you bot
a teame yet
I will sell my
mares they
way 28 hundred
and a good team
Chas Furguson
selma section 6


Charlie must have needed some horses. F-in-L plowed and cultivated with horses in his youth, as did all the farmers. Oxen were used during early Michigan settlement, but horses took over as the ground became easier to work. The best story I heard was about a man who had recently purchased a tractor (when they became available), running right through the gate and then the other side of the fence, hollering “Whoa” all the way.

I couldn’t find Furgeson/Ferguson/Furguson with a quick check of the census, but perhaps he was your ancestor.

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