Belle’s Box – 143

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Though fate will not permit me
To march by your side,
I think of you each moment
With Patriotic pride


Postmark, Mesick, Mich, June 6, 1918 5 p.m., and addressed to:

Mrs. Belle Tinker
R1 Manton


Dear Aunt.

Pa has been
hurt quite bad
and Ma has rhuma
tism in her arms
thought we would
let you know. Pa is rest
ing some and sits up
a narrow escape. I
must go home tomorrow.

In 1918 all of Scott and Emma’s living children were married and keeping their own homes with the exception of Glenn. Glenn served in the Canadian Forces in WW1, so he was probably away from home, too.

If Olive felt that her parents needed help, she did not say so directly. But, it seems like she wanted to stay longer and could not.

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