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Chart for Health
and Repose
slam the door
on the doctors nose.”


This card is postmarked Grant, Nov 29, 1927 6PM. I can’t see the Michigan, but I know it is there somewhere. The addressee is:

Mr Charles Tinker


Monday 29
We are same as when
you left Thanksgiving
over they were all here
and Lews folks was
up Sunday Lew drew
up poles all day so
charlie you must
come back for there
is more to cut up than
before how is George
any better and Sevtts?
folks I havnt heard
from Mrs Mc you took
her ??? ??? The Carters
havnt been up E Bisard

Elizabeth is writing faster than I can read, her thoughts might have filled a page or two, but it seems rushed and crowded on a card.

There was some wood cutting going on, not surprising in the fall in Michigan. Charlie Tinker build saw mills, so perhaps he also helped cut up poles for firewood.

Lew was Elizabeth and Franklin Bisard’s only child; Lew’s folks may have been his daughter Ione Bisard and her husband Lowell Mckinney, or perhaps Charles and Ida Miller, the parents of his late wife Sadie/Sarah. Sadie passed away in 1914 and Ione lived with her grandparents some, she was in their home at the time of the 1920 census.

I don’t know if George Lamunion, Elizabeth and Belle’s brother was sick in 1927. He passed away in 1932 at the age of 79.

To round out this post, here is a photo of Charlie and one of his saw mills. You can enlarge this to see a more detailed view.

charlie tinker

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