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The golden moon
the glistening firs,
The peaceful, snow-clad slopes,
May they to you
be messengers
Of Christmas joys and hopes.


The stamp is ripped off, and no postmark is visible. Addressee:
Mr george lemunion
RfD Manton


white cloud mich
Dec 21-19-19
how are you
I an well write
me wish you
a meary

[written across the top of the card]
form William Puff

William Puff, who was a grand-nephew of the Lamunion siblings, George and Belle, must have written this card when he was quite young. I am more confident that this card was penned on December 21, than I am that the year was 1919, you can review a card he sent in 1912, and see that he was much younger when he wrote this one.

William H. Puff, about 1910-?; was a son of Etta May Murray, 1883-1964 and Fred Puff, 1884-1910. His mother, Etta, was one of six children of Mary Ann Lamunion, 1850-1899; and her husband John H. Murray, ca 1847-1922. Mary Ann a sister of George and Belle.

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