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Postmarked December 22, PM. But the city can’t be deciphered. Addressed to:

Mrs Bell Tinker


Moline Mich
Dec. 22 1919
Just a card to
let you know
I have not for
gotton you hope
this finds you
and yours well
thanks for the
picture. Floyds
in Fla we are
all well the other
boys all work ____
__ __ with love Hattie

On the 1920 census of Dorr Township, Allegan County, Michigan, which contains the small incorporated place know as Moline, the full identity of the sender of the card is revealed.

The family of Hezekiah R “Kiah” Jones, which includes his wife Harriett “Hattie” (Corkins) Jones is listed, including son Harry. Kiah and Hattie’s daughter, Clara Edith was enumerated with her aunt, Ida Jeffers and Grandmother Ann Jones in the next house. These families were related to Belle’s mother, Miranda Jones. There are several cards in this collection from Jones family members.

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