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Steel Dam, Dayton, Ohio


Postmarked, Dayton, Ohio, July 31, 1914 4:30 p.m. Addressed to:
Mr and Mrs. C Tinker
Route 1.


Dear friend will
write you a few lines
we got here all right
but we was awful
tired. Lester and I took
a long walk this
morning to see our old
home. ever thing looks
nice. well how do
you like your new
home and how is
the dog, we all miss
him, we have a nice
place in view want to
hear from you soon
your fir end Mrs Stone

On the 1910 census of Michigan, Wexford County, Colfax Township, district 146, sheet 4, dwelling 99, family 101 is the Stone family. Lester E. 33, Sarah E, 29 and Sarah’s father, Samuel R. Simmons age 66. The Stone family was enumerated on the same page as the Longstreet’s (two of Belle’s children married children of Susie Burdick Fenton Longstreet), the Schutte family and Alfred Fenton, another of Susie Longstreet’s children.

A check of the 1920 census confirms that it was probably Sarah Stone who wrote the letter. The family is residing in District 215, Harrison, Montgomery, Ohio and is enumerated on sheet 4A, dwelling 81, family 81. Samuel R. Simmons is still living with his daughter and son-in-law, and the family has no children. Harrison is near Dayton, today it would be considered a suburb.

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