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Lettie N



This card was not mailed. There isn’t much to go on here, but a quick search of the census of Wexford County, Michigan reveals the following people named “Lettie” lived near Belle:

Lettie M. Hilliker, age 6, step-daughter of Crial S. Grooms, dwelling 248, family 249, district 151, 1910 US Federal census of Springville township, Wexford County.

Lettie F. Walker, 24 daughter of Elmer E. Cravin, dwelling 18, family 18, district 151, 1910 federal census of Springville township, Wexford County.

Lettie P. Gulleckson, age 8, daughter of Gustav and Edie in Liberty township, district 218, dwelling 72, family 73, 1920 US Federal census.

The person who sent the card seems to be a child, and the Gulleckson’s lived the closest. But, it’s hard for me to imagine a child who made such a nice “L” flubbing up a G like this. Who knows?

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