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This card is postmarked Apr 3, 1911 Grand Rapids, Mich, and addressed to:
Mrs Belle Fellows
Manton, RFD No 1 Mich


(This is written at the top, as if she ran out of room at the bottom:)
your friend
Olia Reed
414 Norwich Ave

Grand Rapids Mich
Apr 2 – 1911

Dear Friend:

I recieved (sic) your
card and was glad to hear
from you. it is offel cold
here we have snow part
of the time. We were over
to Eliza’s today. I have got
to get some supper. If we
are alive when fair week
I hope you will come and
see me.

There are a number of cards in this collection from Olia Reed. This one seems to indicate that Olia knew that Belle might visit the area during the fair. Eliza may be Belle’s niece, Eliza Murray. Eliza was the daughter of Belle’s sister, Mary Ann Lamunion. Or, it may be that Olia and Belle knew another Eliza.

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