Belle’s Box – 123

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Tis card must have been hand delivered, or sent in an envelope.


Dear Mr. and Mrs Tinker
We are giving a reception on
our daughter Verda and Mr.
Hughie Price Sat. evening Nov 7
at 8:30 O’clock p.m. We hope you
will please come. Refreshments
will be served. Will you please
bring some beans.

Cordially Yours
Mr. and Mrs. Goldsmith.

Orlander Goldsmith, his wife Cecil and family lived in Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan and were enumerated on the 1930 Federal census in district 13, sheet 3B. Verda’s age was recorded at 16 on that census, so she probably didn’t marry for several more years.

I don’t think Miss Manners likes people asking for food as they extend invitations, however, but it has a been common practice in more than one neighborhood for many years.

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