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I’m weak and I’m dizzy
and I haven’t a dime —
but boy! My vacation
was a Whale of a time!


Postmark, Detroit Mich. 2
Sep ? 7 pm 1939
Mrs. C. Tinker


3111 Roosevelt Ave
Hamtramck, Mich

Dear Mrs. Tinker.

We have visited
several hospitals
and looked in the
City book. but so
far haven’t found
the gov. hospital.
Could you please give
us the Street or
does it go by a different
name. Mary Madzelan

The family of Nicholas Madzelan lived in Cedar Creek township, not far from Belle and Charlie. Mary was 14 in 1930, Perhaps this was from her. Or, perhaps one of the sons of the family married someone named Mary.

A Google maps inquiry for 3111 Roosevelt Ave., Hamtramck, Michigan yields a map of 3111 Roosevelt Street. It is a neighbor hood of story and a half bungalows, built perhaps between 1900 and 1920, judging the style. If this is the neighborhood the card was sent from, Mary Madzelan either lived in the neighborhood, or was visiting someone who lived there. It is not likely that a hotel was located there.

Since many areas were renumbered over the years, it it hard to tell if this is the correct neighborhood.

I wonder why Belle asked Mary to go to the gov hospital? I wonder who might have been there?

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